Supply chain tracking

Logistics managers, logistics planners and material managers all benefit from real-time tracking along the entire supply chain.

Digital supply chain creates greater transparency

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. That makes life harder for all companies, who are confronted with a process involving multiple partners and a bewildering array of IT systems. This applies not only to industrial settings, but also the food production industry.

To address this challenge, logistics managers, logistics planners and material managers need a solution that offers total transparency across all their logistics processes while still taking into account the individual requirements of each user group.

Bosch has now developed an intelligent tracking solution that does exactly that.


Track and Trace

The smart tracking solution from Bosch, Track and Trace, provides up-to-date information on the position and load status not just of load carriers, but also of truck trailers/semi-trailers, rail cars and ocean freight containers. Tailor-made dashboards ensure each user group has access to exactly the information they need.

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Supply chain tracking for logistics partners/managers and material planners

Greater certainty for planners

Logistics planners benefit from up-to-date information on the position and load status of load carriers. This enables them to trace routes in real time and ensure that load carriers and goods are in the right place at the right time. Cargo keeps flowing as it should, and planners have the certainty they need that everything is on schedule.

Maintaining material flows

Material planners always know how many load carriers are in circulation. This keeps materials flowing and reduces the use of unnecessary replacement packaging. It also allows planners to quickly spot and rectify any surpluses or shortages of shipping assets. Efficient tracking also makes the causes of shrinkage easier to trace.

Total transparency saves time and cuts costs

Logistics managers benefit from total transparency across all routes and shipping assets. The customized software prepares and presents data, clearly showing logistics managers where problems such as delays or shrinkages are most likely to occur. They can then take the necessary measures to save time and money throughout the supply chain.

Transparency all along the supply chain

Our introduction to asset tracking

How to get started with your tracking project

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Track and Trace customers and use cases

Material Tracking

Material tracking helps to keep supply lines open and prevent production stoppages.

Asset Tracking

Track load carriers, containers and goods in real time with Track and Trace.


Our customers connect their supply chains and fleets with Track and Trace.

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