BSH Hausgeräte: Increasing the transparency of milk runs

With the help of Track and Trace, BSH Hausgeräte responds more flexibly to delays in milk runs.


For BSH Hausgeräte, milk runs involved a high degree of coordination and localization effort for individual trucks. Due to a lack of transparency, the company was unable to take a proactive approach to delays.


We equipped the trucks with the appropriate tracking hardware via plug & play. The solution now enables real-time tracking of the trucks including the analysis of historical movement data. In addition, the asset data is made available directly to SAP TM and SAP EM systems.


Using Track and Trace, BSH Hausgeräte gains detailed insights into the supply chain, enabling the company to derive improvements in the logistics processes. The solution helps to reduce reaction times in the event of unexpected events during transport; the efficiency of yard management increases.

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