Kuehne + Nagel: Optimization of material flows in multimodal transports

Location: Europe | Tracking focus: multimodal inbound flows for the automotive industry from supplier to OEM / TIER


A high number of players involved led to a lack of transparency across the entire inbound supply chain at Kühne + Nagel. Externally invisible damage caused by shock or temperature during transport was not detected, optimization measures were only possible in individual parts of the supply chain. The lack of transparency led to a high communication effort between the individual actors involved.


In order to improve transparency in these processes, Kühne + Nagel introduces real-time tracking of shipments and their condition at defined milestones across all stakeholders. The generated data is integrated into the Kühne + Nagel system via interface.


Thanks to the greater transparency of transport processes, Kühne + Nagel optimizes its logistics procedures, damage to goods can already be attributed to specific incidents during transport. The proactive provision of all package information on one platform leads to process optimization. Interfaces from Track and Trace to the customer system enable shortened response times thanks to defined alarm functions.

After completion and evaluation of the pilot phase, Kühne + Nagel will decide whether Track and Trace will become a new Kühne + Nagel automotive standard logistics product.

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