Würth Logistics is tracking its European goods traffic

Real-time transport transparency for trucks


Würth Logistics AG, the logistics service provider within the Würth Group, had no way to automatically record trucks’ arrival times at foreign plants. This made it difficult to evaluate the performance of commissioned forwarders. Also, its customers needed reliable information on truck arrival times for their internal processes.


Thanks to the Track and Trace solution from Bosch.IO, Würth Logistics now has a transparent overview of its European goods transport at its fingertips. Bluetooth® Low Energy-based sensors on the shipments and IoT gateways at the European branches allow the company to track its shipments. The gateways detect the sensors attached to each delivery, which means that arrival times of shipments are now automatically registered. In turn, data analytics can be used to yield further insights and determine optimal transport times.


Würth Logistics can now monitor its Europe-wide goods traffic leaving the central hub in Kupferzell at a glance – and in real time, using the Bosch Track and Trace portal. Arrival times at foreign branches are automatically recorded in the system, making transport times traceable. Using this transparent data and the KPIs derived from it, Würth Logistics has laid the basis for continually optimizing its transport management.