Rehau: Transparency for the optimization of load carrier circulation with OEM

Real-time tracking makes position of high-priced, company owned, reusable load carriers transparent


Rehau was suffering from a lack of transparency regarding the position of high-priced, company-owned, reusable load carriers. This led to a deficiency management and unplanned investments to ensure delivery capability.


With the help of sensors and the Track and Trace software, reusable load carriers can now be tracked in real-time at all involved locations (DE, AT, HU and CZ) and during transport. Thanks to the digitization of the load carriers, the • productivity of the assets can now be depicted through standard reports with Power BI.


Thanks to the real-time position information, a cross-plant coordination as well as inventory at the push of a button is now possible. Reduced search effort, early information as soon as load carriers leave the cycle, as well as an optimized scheduling bring about a process optimization at Rehau. Via the definition of the load carrier circulation factor based on tracked load carriers, the company is now able to run a planned/actual comparison.

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