TRUMPF: Transparency of special containers in mechanical engineering

Location: Europe | Tracking focus: inbound, plant-plant, intralogistics


A lack of transparency led to high coordination and localization efforts for special containers and assets at TRUMPF. In addition, missing assets which were not in place where needed brought about additional process costs. Due to a lack of transparency in plant-to-plant and supplier processes, TRUMPF always had a high inventory level.


With the Track and Trace solution, “intelligent” containers can be tracked and monitored at critical milestones (supplier, plant, hub, warehouse) and during transportation (truck). A real-time overview of containers facilitates position determination and coordination. The data analysis of historic container movements is available for supply chain optimization


The tracking solution identifies potentials to reduce throughput times, working capital and asset inventory. Search efforts and plant-to-plant coordination have been reduced; no unnecessary container have to be purchased. Long-term logistics processes can be made more effective and efficient.

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