White paper

Asset tracking: transparency all along the supply chain

25 min (11 pages)

With an advancing digitalization, the logistics sector also stands to benefit. Particularly in light of increasingly complex supply chains, the potential becomes clear: more and more companies are adopting digital solutions to ensure transparency in operations and optimize processes. But before companies commit to a digital solution, they need to precisely define their requirements in order to find the right technology approach.

This is what this white paper explores: Starting from the current challenges in logistics, it presents different tracking use cases. Then it turns the spotlight on technologies, highlighting the options companies have to address their specific requirements in ways that best suit their purposes.

You will learn

  • What challenges logisticians face
  • Which areas of application there are for tracking solutions
  • Which tracking technology is suitable for which application
  • What wireless and positioning technologies are out there and what their characteristics are
  • How Bosch supports you in finding the right tracking approach