Asset tracking for the automotive industry

Real-time tracking helps manufacturers and suppliers keep on top of increasingly complex supply chains.

Taming complexity in automotive logistics

There are many challenges ahead for automotive logistics as vehicles grow increasingly complex and models more varied.  Manufacturers and suppliers will have to a clear a number of hurdles in their supply chains:

  • Automakers work with many suppliers and partners all around the world. And global supply chains tend to be intransparent and complex.
  • Sustainability throughout a vehicle’s life cycle is a big issue in automotive manufacturing. Logistics has to be part of the industry’s efforts toward greater sustainability.
  • The automotive industry needs stable supply chains that are resilient enough to bounce back from unexpected disruptions such as supply shortages, natural disasters, and adverse political developments.
  • Automakers are offering a vast range of options for personalizing cars to cater to greater and more diverse expectations on the part of customers. This means logistics chains have to handle a lot more components, which oftentimes require special load carriers.
  • The cost pressure is rising. Automakers and suppliers must take targeted action to optimize their supply chains and keep costs down.
  • More and more electronic components are finding their way into cars. Automotive logistics services have to provide optimum conditions for transporting and storing these sensitive components.

To rise to these challenges, automakers and suppliers need to see every link in the supply chain and obtain a transparent picture of all processes. A tracking solution can provide that insight.

Bosch, a strong partner

  • Experience: We know all about the challenges of automotive logistics
  • Total transparency: Our solution creates transparency along the entire supply chain – for any amount of locations, load carriers, and partners
  • End to end tracking: Our solution covers intra as well as extra logistics
  • Plug & play: Our solution is easy to deploy and independent of legacy IT infrastructures
  • Robust hardware: Our rugged solution is also engineered for demanding outdoor tracking scenarios

How the automotive industry benefits from a tracking solution


Deep insights into complex processes

Greater reliability, better planning

A solid foundation for stable supply chains

Smart load carrier management


Greater sustainability, higher performance


Cutting costs, saving time


A watchful eye on sensitive assets

FAQ: Our Track and Trace solution

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Our solution: Track and Trace for the automotive industry

Track and Trace is Bosch’s answer to the automotive industry’s questions about what, when, and where. This smart tracking solution provides up-to-date information on load carriers and vehicles’ position and load status.

Tailored to the automotive industry

Robust hardware, easy handling

The tools to manage many load carriers, locations, and partners


End to end tracking


Data delivered to legacy systems

A selection of our customers and partners

nox: Track and Trace adds transparency to supply chains

Track and Trace provides detailed insights into the location and condition of logistical load carriers.

Rehau: Transparency for the optimization of load carrier circulation with OEM

How Rehau stays on top of high-priced, reusable load carriers.

Intercept Technology: our recognized partner

In cooperation with our partner Intercept, we accompany automotive manufacturers and suppliers from planning to implementation of Track and Trace.