Logistics and asset tracking

Real-time tracking of logistics and assets promotes transparency throughout the whole supply chain.

Logistics and asset tracking: Go digital to reduce search time and increase asset availability

The challenges for logisticians and supply chain managers are mounting. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. As more and more logistics partners enter the picture, logisticians are confronted with ever more diverse IT systems. They need greater transparency in logistics processes to keep on top of their assets.

  • A lack of real-time information often leaves logistics operatives in the dark – about the precise location of carriers such as trailers, rail wagons, sea freight containers, construction machinery, and tools, and whether they are going to arrive at the right place on the agreed date.
  • Inefficient fleet management results in a lack of transparency as to the location and status of trailers, freight cars and vessels as well as their goods and material.
  • Uncertainty as to the status of load carriers leads to inefficient capacity utilization and problems finding sufficient space to store the excessive number of load carriers required to bridge periods of peak load.
  • Manual search and inventory processes for warehouse management are lengthy and resource-intensive.
  • A lack of transparency as to the availability and assignment of loading ramps and trailers leads to a high administrative load and lots of errors.

Benefits at a glance

  • Up to 75% less time spent searching, inventorying, booking, and scanning.
  • 10% to 25% higher utilization of logistic assets such as trailers.
  • 25% greater availability of circulating assets, so no new investments are required to increase the asset count.
  • 50% less time spent gathering status information and coordinating cargo flows.

Logistics and asset tracking – benefits for logistics managers


Real-time tracking and tracing logistics assets

Lasting improvements in logistics flows




Greater utilization


Transparency across all routes, visibility of all load carriers

Transparency all along the supply chain

Our introduction to asset tracking

Logistics and asset tracking – sensors, IoT gateways and software enable real-time tracking

Sensors mounted permanently on containers and assets enable real-time logistics, and asset and supply chain tracking and tracing. Logisticians gain insights about the position of their assets, as well as the conditions of its cargo. Routes can be tracked in real time and disturbances can be identified immediately.

IoT gateways collect the data from the tracking sensors, enrich it with positional data, and forward this information to the asset tracking software in the cloud. Gateways are easy to install and tough enough to hold up under the harshest operating conditions. Localization is usually GPS-based; data is transmitted via GSM or RFID.

Our solution for logistics, asset, and supply chain tracking

At the heart of the solution is the track-and-trace software. This collects and harmonizes all the relevant information, converts it into graphics and provides it to the customer either on web-based devices or via standard interfaces on their own IT system.

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