Material tracking

With tools to track specific materials in real-time, materials managers and planners can keep supply lines open, goods flowing, and prevent production stoppages at the destination.

Material tracking: Transparency from the supplier to receiving

Material tracking and tracing from the supplier to the customer’s receiving station is an essential part of logistics and supply chain tracking. Material planners and manufacturing logistics specialists need tools that go beyond asset tracking to provide precise information about where materials or goods happen to be, when they will arrive at their destination, and if they have been conveyed in compliance with the product specifications. They have to be able to:

  • Pinpoint the exact location and condition in real time at critical transitional points, for instance, when freight is conveyed from a semi-trailer to a container.
  • Determine the condition of individual packages or goods before they are loaded to and unloaded from carriers.
  • Trace data such as temperature, humidity, and vibration in compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Benefits at a glance

  • Real-time tracking at critical transitional points: Material managers can take immediate action if the goods have been left behind at a certain point, for example, en route to an aircraft’s cargo bay. This prevents holdups that bring the production line to a standstill.
  • Sensors can track parameters such as temperature, vibration, and other product specifications in transit.

The benefits of material tracking for material planners


Real-time tracking


Keeping materials flowing smoothly


Key product-related data


Theft prevention

Material tracking – sensors, IoT gateways, and software enable real-time tracking

Attached temporarily to goods to enable digital material tracking, robust sensors detect the position, temperature, vibration, and the like as required.

IoT gateways collect the data from the tracking sensors, enrich it with positional data, and forward this information to the asset tracking software in the cloud. Gateways are easy to install and tough enough to hold up under the harshest operating conditions. Localization is usually GPS-based; data is transmitted via GSM or RFID.

Our solution for material tracking

At the heart of the solution is the track-and-trace software. This collects and harmonizes all the relevant information, converts it into graphics and provides it to the customer either on web-based devices or via standard interfaces on their own IT system.

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